What's CryptoLunch?

CryptoLunch is an application (web app/IOS app) that provides a way for people to split the bill easily in a decentralized and intuitive way. Although there exists a million (no not really) other payment apps, Cryptolunch is different in that it is decentralized, anonymous, and simple to use. No data-mining, no database, no tracking your whereabouts.


Our motivation behind CryptoLunch is fueled by a couple of factors. As college students, we are avid users of Venmo, so much that it became a verb. "Hey I'll Venmo you" could be heard at every footstep on campus. However, upon enrolling in ECS 189F, privacy became an important issue as we realized that non-decentralized applications could do whatever. Venmo controls all of its data and power, something that is dangerous. Therefore, we decided it was time to develop an alternative to the evil that is Venmo. Thus, let's compare the two!

CryptoLunch vs Venmo


  • Decentralized
  • No registration
  • Anonymous
  • Lightweight
  • No tracking or data collecting


  • Not Decentralized
  • Registration required
  • Stores user info
  • Overly bloated (240 mb)
  • Collects personal information

We'll let you decide who won.

The Team

The team is composed of some brilliant students enrolled in ECS 189F (Distributed Ledgers) at the University of California, Davis. Meet the team:

  • Josh Arnold Front-End
  • Vincent Boc Front-End
  • Neil Arakkal Back-End
  • Zihao Cheng Back-End
  • Jacob Hernandez Back-End
  • Ipsa Parekh Back-End
  • Weiyi Zhou Back-End

Checkout ECS 189F's homepage

This application was the term project for ECS 189F, a class about Distributed Ledgers at UC Davis.