A platform designed to create verbal contracts and revolutionize
the way we make agreements using blockchain technology.

Our Mission

Making informal agreements is so prevalent in our global society that many often neglect to take into consideration the ramifications that such agreements can hold. With our technological innovation, we aim to put an end to the majority of lawsuits that stem from the broken terms of a verbal contract. Our system allows users to quickly and easily generate a binding agreement between two or more parties, and these agreements will be authenticated by a blockchain.

Our Project

Tools Used

Various tools and technologies widely used in the blockchain universe assisted us in building our very own decentralized application.

What It Looks Like

Check out an overview of how our application looks and what it offers.

What Is Next?

See the future work.


Meet the team behind the innovation!

Ikechi Iwuagwu

Team Lead

E-mail: [email protected]
  • Created final version of smart contract "SolidPromise.sol"
  • Implemented algorithm to handle array gaps after Solidity deletions
  • Created "What We Do" Page
  • Created "Start Creating" Page
  • Created "My Contracts" Page
  • Created page routes
  • Adjusted Promise struct to include title
  • Implemented filtering of contracts by public address on "My Contracts" Page
  • Implemented sign and reject features on "My Contracts" Page
  • Implemented responsive contract transitions after sign/reject
  • Updated application to allow for string entries in contract title and body
  • Added Metamask/Drizzle integration to the "My Contracts" Page
  • Added public address to header of application
  • Added diagonal gradient background to web application
  • Contributed to major components of this website
  • Design
  • Debugging

Agnieszka Lupinska

E-mail: [email protected]
  • Researched on how to build decentralized applications and integrate MetaMask, Truffle and Ganache into the project
  • Designed and created the Promise logo with the use of Final Cut Pro, iMovie, Gimp
  • Worked on designing, developing and debugging the main solidity algorithms (add promise, sign promise, reject promise, view promises) and mappings
  • Helped with connecting smart contract functions with the web application using Drizzle
  • Helped with implementation of the view-only-involved-promises feature
  • Contributed to designing our web application
  • Contributed to components of this website
  • Contributed to writing our project reports
  • Contributed to writing our weekly slides

Nuamaan Sheikh

E-mail: [email protected]
  • Designed the "Promises" smart contract structure in Solidity
  • Designed and envisioned the mechanism for promises to be stored according to their level of consensus between parties
  • Designed the logistics for promise approval
  • Envisioned the idea of using solidity mappings for holding promises
  • Envisioned the idea of using access modifiers restricting 3rd party access of the promises
  • Designed the address to Promise[] mappings to hold Promises for each user
  • Designed promise handling, payable and access restrictive functions such as createPromise and signPromise
  • Designed functions such as rejectPromise, viewRejected, viewUnconfirmed and viewConfirmed
  • Designed the Log notification to notify the second party of the created Promise

Alicia Siu

E-mail: [email protected]
  • Designed and envisioned our original web application layout
  • Created prototype model wireframes for our web application using AdobeXD
  • Worked with Remix Studio for smart contract development
  • Used Drizzle, Web3.js, and modified smart contract function to display contracts on "My Contracts" Page after creation
  • Created splash page that transitions to the main page when first launching the application
  • Modified color scheme and component styling of the application
  • Made core presentation slides for our weekly progress presentations
  • Contributed a fair amount to writing and editing our project reports
  • Contributed to major components of this website
  • Assisted in debugging various components of our application


October 11th - October 17th, 2020

Discussed Project Ideas / Decided on Project

October 18th - October 24th, 2020

Finished Project Proposal

October 25th - October 31st, 2020

Settled on Project Implementation

November 1st - November 7th, 2020

Continued Developing Backend / Frontend

November 8th - November 14th, 2020

Reached Project Halfway Point

November 15th - November 21st, 2020

Connected Smart Contract with Frontend

November 22nd - November 28th, 2020

Began Implementing Stretch Goals

November 29th - December 5th, 2020

Put Finishing Touches on Project / Conducted Testing

December 6th - December 18th, 2020

Finished Project