Lec 1
Blockchain at ExpoLab: Our Resilient Journey, Vision, Bitcoin Radio
Mohammad Sadoghi
Lec 2
Introduction to Distributed Consensus
Mohammad Sadoghi
Lec 3
Principle Foundations of Bitcoin
Shreemoy Mishra, RSK
Lec 4
How Ethereum works
John Long, UCD,
Blockchain at Davis
Lec 5
Innovating with Bitcoin
Joseph Bender, Blockstack
Lec 6
Principle Foundations of Ethereum
Alireza Rafiei, Coinbase, BAF
Lec 7
Introduction to Decentralized Applications
Alex Stokes, Ethereum Foundation
Lec 8
Developing Decentralized Applications
Kevin Bluer, Truffle
Lec 9
Ethereum 2.0: Serenity
Preston Van Loon, Prysmatic Labs
Lec 10
Why Only Permissioned Blockchains Matter:
A Realist’s Perspective
[Flyer, Archived]
C. Mohan
Lec 11
Principle Foundations of Hyperledger Fabric
Marko Vukolić, IBM Research
Lec 12
Principle Foundations of LedgerDB
Xinying Yang, Ant Financial
Lec 13
The History & Philosophy Behind ConsenSys
John Wolpert, ConsenSys
Lec 14
Principle Foundations of R3 Corda
Peter Li, R3
Lec 15
Intro to Zero-Knowledge Proofs
Benedikt Bünz, Stanford
Lec 16
Principle Foundations of Radix
Dan Hughes, Radix
Lec 17
Principle Foundations of Hedera Hashgraph
Cooper Kunz, Hedera Hashgraph
Lec 18
Principle Foundations of NEAR: Sharding Revisited
Peter DePaulo, NEAR
Bowen Wang, NEAR
Lec 19
Economics of Proof of Stake & Sharding in Polkadot
Alistair Stewart, Web3 Foundation
Lec 20
Solving the Blockchain Trilemma [Flyer]
Tal Rabin, UPenn & Algorand Foundation
Fabrice Benhamouda, Algorand Foundation
Lec 21
Mechanism Design
Aaron Soskin, Govrn
Lec 22
Decentralized Governance
Alex Masmej, MetaCartel
Lec 23
Stablecoins and Payments
Yaz Khoury, Celo
Lec 24
Raising Money and Gitcoin Grants
Kevin Owocki, CEO & Founder of Gitcoin
Lec 25
Blockchain Investment
Sherwin Dowlat, Polychain Capital
Lec 26
Intro to Decentralized Finance
Travis Blane (aka DeFi Dad), COO of Zapper
Lec 27
Principle Foundations of Libra/Diem [Flyer]
Dahlia Malkhi, Novi / Diem Association