Here is a set of great project ideas provided by our Blockchain-at-Davis club. More to come ...

Decentralized Peer-to-Peer Crypto Exchange

Most major crypto exchanges employ the use of a centralized system of trading, which is in contrast to the idea of a decentralized cryptocurrency. Exchanges such as UniSwap have taken on the challenge of peer-to-peer trading. However, it still faces its own challenges as it is limited to Ethereum based tokens. Could we create a better way to trade crypto in a purely peer-to-peer manner?

A CryptoCurrency for a University Campus

Here at UC Davis, most of us are used to the on-campus 'Aggie Cash' currency that gives a 10% discount on all purchases made at campus-based stores, food trucks, and dining commons. However, this currency is centralized and it is controlled by the University administration. A decentralized cryptocurrency (or an Ethereum ERC 20 token) may assist in regulating and overcoming this centralization.

NFT based game-items trading

Dapper Labs created the world's first Non-Fungible token-based game, CryptoKitties. CryptoKitties showed that virtual assets too can have a special intrinsic value. Dapper labs now is building its own blockchain known as Flow, built primarily to facilitate NFT-based applications. Do you think an NFT based Fortnite skin trading platform is possible with Flow blockchain's backend?

A Decentralized Autonomous student-club

Blockchain at Davis currently has an organizational structure not different from any other club or organization. It has a president, vice president, treasurer, and board members. However, blockchains are being built on the principles of decentralization, thus, it is only fair that Blockchain at Davis, also be a decentralized autonomous organization run by its members than its officers. Here's where the idea of Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) comes in, where all the members of the organization decide the operations of the organization together. Do you think you can make a project that makes Blockchain-at-Davis (or any other club) a true DAO?

Open Source Contributions

While it is amazing to make your own project, it is also cool to actively contribute to open-source projects. You can choose from a multitude of available blockchain protocols and projects to work on ranging from validator software to DApps.

Building Global-Scale Privacy-Preserving Blockchain Fabrics

Invite you to join the journey to design the next generation blockchain, ResilientDB—unfolding your creativity!
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